Shortest Autobiography

Then, picked to mark love;
Now, petals plucked on heart break;
Yes, I’m that red rose…

~Yet another try on haiku, for Ronovan’s haiku challenge for this week using the words ‘heart’ and ‘petals’. Didn’t come out the way I wanted. But I felt like posting the picture. Featured image taken few months back from mom’s garden. Roses are her favourite and no one, even my nieces are not allowed to pick them. She got quite a collection of different varieties. The peculiarity of her garden is, she never keep it in pattern or order or replace them from one place to another for better view. Says, that kind of things make it look artificial. So the plants stay wherever it was from the beginning. She also don’t fancy perfectly mowed grassy lawns. Instead she love to see the red soil beneath.~

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  1. They look lovely! ❤

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    1. aishahnaaz says:

      Aww. Thank you inky!! 🙂

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