Seeking Wisdom

Look down. Wisdom doesn’t always come from the skies. It can rise up from the ground too. Sitting at a bus stop with a lot of disturbing thoughts in my head, I glanced around for a distraction, which brought me this newfound knowledge. There’s a family sleeping few feet away. On the pavement of an ever bustling traffic signal area. The honks, the ambulance wails, nothing bothers them. Nor does the summer heat. There are small kids, a teen looking boy, and a mom. There’s only a little shade upon them. They seem content with the blankets they have. Cheap, but serves the purpose. Some bikers go almost touching their legs, oh no! Who’d get blessings from the underprivileged and homeless! They are too busy that they just want to get ahead to the front in line of this heavy traffic. People and their indefinite runs. And then there are those like these families, sidelined from this long and fast running that stretched far and wide between the the very beginning and the end of lives itself. And then there are gypsies like me, aimlessly sauntering in search of wisdom and trying to find the meaning of things. Seems like the old man sitting next to me also didn’t had any bus to catch. He’s left too. May be he too got bored watching all these running people. Then again, how much he might’ve seen all of these already! He looked at least 70 years old. Anyway. I have a very long way left towards the destination I had in mind. But the advantage of walking alone is that you can keep changing your destination without regrets or concerns. Without questions. What else can be bliss?

~I started from there passing this family who induced all these thoughts, and found a kid missing. Spotted him soon enough asking people for something to eat. I asked if he could come with me across the road. He was excited. The innocent kiddo seems to have explained all these to another bigger kid who stood near the mall, cuz when I came back with a Sub from nearby Subway stall, the bigger kid came ahead and asked me to give him the parcel. He claimed to be the tiny’s brother and I was too naive to believe him. Only after he left towards the opposite I spotted the other kid crying. I took him with me and told him to stay there till I’m back, and came back with another one. People would say that was a crazy thing to do, or that if I really wanted to get him something I could have gotten something cheaper; I don’t know myself if that was a good deed, but it definitely wasn’t a bad one. Kindly don’t judge, leave it for the almighty.~

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  1. Josh says:

    Back with a soul striking passage.. you rock as always, wishes ayshu 😊

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    1. aishahnaaz says:

      Thank you so much Josh!! 😍😊

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  2. Ashik T M says:

    I like your kindness🙂May almighty see your good deeds and reward you with blessings👍


  3. Sana Khan says:

    Salaam Aisha, welcome back ! 🙂 May Allah accept your kindness! We must give to others what we would like for ourselves and you did the same.

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    1. aishahnaaz says:

      Wassalaam sister! Thank you so much for your kind words 💖
      That was exactly what I thought too. At least once in a while they should also get to eat what others eat.

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