Mood Rants #1 Mental Health

Facebook timeline so full of how important is mental health, how you should watch out for people around you and extend help, how you should ask for help or even cry for it, how people are ready to give help and details about symptoms, signs, and do and don’ts on depression. I guess it’s about Chester’s death. Gotta admit, his songs were always relatable. I remember a friend once asking me how it is like and how one can help. I don’t remember what I said, nor do I think he does. It doesn’t matter. I remember once someone talking about people taking their personal issues to social media. Like, posting how depressed they are, how things are going wrong in their lives etc etc and then people on their friend list or whoever view the post starts sympathising and advising and all sorts of ‘help’ flowing in.. wait. Really? Is that what you meant by help?
Well, I’m no one to judge any of these people. Depression and mental illness work different for people. For some, attention from others can do wonders, be it strangers even. They know it and they ask for it on social media. Some understand and give them what they want, some bash them calling attention seekers. Yeah, that’s what they are and that’s what they want. Believe it or not, that saved them. The good words from random strangers saved them, made them feel they’re not worthless. (So next time you come across such a post on Facebook or somewhere public, don’t shame them saying how it’s like walking around the road with a placard saying ‘I am depressed, please give me some attention’, if you can’t say a nice word, ignore the post and move on; at least no harm made right?) I have theory that most of this category being teens. It’s a theory based on trends, don’t sweat over. I’m here to talk about the other category.
Have you ever noticed someone suddenly disappearing from those social platforms? They may never have shared any depression posts or anything of the sort. All they’ve shared will be happy memories or positive stuff but one day, you don’t see them anymore. Have you ever even noticed someone like that? Yeah. Everyone’s busy and got enough shit to handle in their own lives, I know. Who got time to take survey of who posted and who haven’t?! But we sure did notice the one who posted asking help and and thought, ‘What a pity to ask help on social media!’. Hypocrisy don’t you think?
I know this is a rant and it’s not going anywhere near where I wanted to take it, but back to what I mentioned in the start. Ever wondered what someone under depression reading all these posts might be thinking? These posts are on their timeline cuz their friends are sharing it, and to be more specific, they’re the immediate friends or family. How can I say that? Because Facebook has this amazing algorithm which shows you the stuff you want or people you want more. Even without your notice, they take it to account on what kind of things you like (react) or share and who all you stalk or check frequently. So you see what your immediate friends and family are sharing. You see them sharing and writing their own about depression and mental health, how they mourn the ones who ended themselves because they didn’t get help, how they could have cried out, how others should have reached out, how you should watch out to people who need help, blah and blah. Let me tell you. Sometimes, people don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to ask for help cuz they don’t need it, they’re simply done. Done with everything they thought to be theirs, done with life itself. All they want is to fall into oblivion and exist no more. What they want is beyond mere suicide; they want to erase themselves forever. End themselves and have them removed from everyone’s lives and memories even. Have you ever thought of that? I guess not.

~This was written months back when Chester committed suicide and the social media was shook and eventually started the overflow of mental health posts. Just like every other storm, it came and went; with just about everyone posting and sharing right and left. Before another storm, I thought I’d share my thoughts when it’s not being talked as much. And trying to keep a steady blog in the meantime.

Featured image from our very own beach, after an experiment on Vsco.~

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  1. Aman Khan says:

    It makes me sad and frustrated when people do not take mental health seriously. We all needed this post

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    1. aishahnaaz says:

      Yes. We are thinking of some event to do in college in collaboration with some well experienced counsellors this year.


  2. tejus says:

    can i comment?

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    1. aishahnaaz says:

      Of course 🙈


      1. tejus says:

        i was checking, like is it possible to comment here…because i couldn’t before that. so you lost a lot of quality comments. *shrug*

        Liked by 1 person

      2. aishahnaaz says:

        That’s because the comment will be shown from a new person only after the author has approved it.


      3. tejus says:

        no not that. there was an account confusion from my side.

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