Walks down the Memory Lane #1

As kids, we were allowed to sleep in on Sundays since it’s a no-madrasa-no-school day. When I wake up to the eastward window view at sunup, it was mostly because of the light rays poking on my eyes, or my mom’s tickling (nothing else worked on waking me up, and scaring wasn’t her style). The window pane had a granular design on glass, so the light rays would make a glittery effect on the closed windows and I’d stay there lying on the bed moving my head to the sides watching the glitter spread to more grains on the window. I had even gone to fetch it as a kid, and realised it’s only a reflection. You can only watch and enjoy it from a distance. You go closer, it’s gone. I got to know the science behind it later in high school, and yet I still watch them; even though my love for glitter is a thing of past. At this point my mom would realise I still haven’t got up from bed, so she’d go open the windows. The soft rays of morning sun will be trying hard to get past the rich green tree tops, to find me. I move my head again, “hello, there” they greet me. Sitting at home after master’s, every day is Sunday nowadays, and circumstances had me change the room to this old one, where I used to sleep as a kid. Yet, it took me some days to remember all this happy childhood memories, till mom decided to move the curtains to the side and wake me up. We never had curtains till my sister’s wedding, and never had curtains in ground floor rooms till my brother’s (There were a lot of materialistic stuff mom or dad didn’t get until they felt it’s necessary. Back then, I used to feel bad that we don’t have many things my cousins does, but later I came to appreciate their minimalism and the fact that they never had any debt other than the small amounts now and then, which were always repaid right after dad’s salary gets credited. One thing my dad never said no to, were books. And that’s why our walls are adorned with bookshelves than fancy frames). Life sometimes take us back to where it all started, probably to remind us where we belong at the end of the day. I guess that’s what I’m learning right now. To be home at home.
~ I’m gonna try again for a comeback to blogging. Mostly because I’m not doing anything remarkable right now, so maybe I’ll just hang out here while I figure out. ~

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