TLT Week #187: Coffee Talk

“Even though the emerge of technology is regarded as a leap forward, and everybody wants it to reach each nook and corner of the world and have their country stand ahead, it’s amusing that when people find us using any of them, they have a peculiar reaction to it. ”
“The curiosity can be about the money and why we spent on ourselves instead of the public service; or it could be about us breaking the stereotype of monks they’ve seen in pictures and heard in stories. Humans have a habit of associating certain actions with people who have a certain set of criteria; they keep saying break the stereotype and they can’t do it themselves, and they seek self love in these high ranges, yet are surprised to see us doing something for ourselves.”

~Why do we associate certain community with a certain set of stereotypes? As long as it’s not hurting you, why would you care so much if someone is not going by the rulebook you associate with them? I have this habit of imagining conversations of random people, sometimes their thoughts too. They could be talking about the weather or world order as well, but I love making them characters of my made-up converation instead.

Written for the weekly Three lines Tale on photo prompt by Sonya. photo by Manthan Gupta via Unsplash. ~

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