TLT Week #186: Passing Along

“Oh, I’ve known you my kid; maybe a brunette than blonde, stood here with that same glow in her eyes, beaming with happiness; looked right into my eyes, without having to look upward like you though, for I too was a baby.
Walked me to the places I’ve never been to, with the promise that she’ll get me back to the stable safe and sound, and so she did, for years that came.
Today I promise you; for I have all those stories to give you back, from our every walk together; keeping my word to pass along all the love, to the one she sacrificed herself upon.”

~I know this is an old prompt, but these words just came flowing out of nowhere when I saw this picture on Sonya’s blog for a past week. It’s pretty raw and unedited a thought.

Written for the weekly Three lines Tale on photo prompt by Sonya. photo by Melanie Dretvic via Unsplash. ~

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