BookedOutSundays · Week #1 : Ricochet

She laughed. Sitting at a restaurant with her friends, joining them in some joke. She laughed so much it hurt her stomach and made her eyes tear; she closed her eyes in reflex. And there was the darkness again. The endless tunnel and the little girl stumbling in the dark. She wanted to open her eyes back to her happy moment, but the laughter ricocheted off her closed eyelids, sealed by that little happy teardrop that now lined the lashes, letting only a faint echo inside. The tunnel and the little girl couldn’t hear them. Or if they did, they didn’t know it meant happiness.

~ This new series is in response to the weekly writing prompt by Lubna on Bookstagram (the bookish community on Instagram). I’ll be posting them both on Instagram and here on WordPress. ~

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  1. tejus says:

    wow. damn nice!! probably your best post. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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